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Think of your connection with a specific person and ask your question. ? The Many cards in this spread represent the following about you: It reveals the querent’s path and destination. Playing Card Readings. 1. The Celtic cross is a ten-card spread layout that dives into critical relationships and life scenarios. In addition to psychics, we offer playing card readings using the 52 card deck, popular with fortune tellers. How you see your partner. The spread includes six cards on the left side in a cross shape with four cards piled on the right.

Our playing card readings comprise the Celtic Cross, Astrological, Relationship, Planetary, Birthday, Mandala, Star, Tree of Life, Past Current Future and Cross and Triangle spreads. 2. Each card represents: Free Daily Horoscope. How your partner views you. The current The challenge The past The future Above Below Advice External influences Hopes and fears Outcome. Free daily horoscopes are available on our Free Daily Horoscope page. 3. The current, challenge, past, and future function such as the elements of the pentagram spread.

Astrological Reports. Your requirements. Each card reveals influences about the querent’s current circumstance. Our Astrological reports offer side-by-side personality comparisons for almost any combo of Zodiac signs, characteristics of each sign and determination of Zodiac sign by birthday. 4. They surround an above and under card, which represents aspirations and the subconscious, respectively.

Characteristics of the design of the summer kitchen in the cottageThe kitchen is considered a favourite location in the cottage, where all the family collects. 5. The heap of information, outside influences, hopes and fears, and outcome provide guidance. On hot days psychic you can comfortably cook food, and in the evening relax in the fresh air with a cup of fragrant tea. Present state of connection.

They give recommendations and emphasize the energies or events that help determine the outcome. In winter, this area is ideal for cooking on the barbecue. 6. Be aware that the outcome card is a sign of how things will play if the querent continues on their present course. Knowing the qualities of the design of the summer kitchen, you may produce a reliable room, which is going to be a pleasure to be in at any time of the year.Characteristics The kitchen is the most functional structure in the country home.

The path you would like your connection to follow. The five-card psychics spreads for decision making helps individuals make difficult decisions. Its immediate purpose is to function as a location for cooking. 7. While the spread infrequently offers a definitive answer, it does provide advice and clarity. However, most dacha owners use it not just in the warm season. The path your partner would love to see your connection follow.

The psychics reading provides querent insight in their existing leadership and whether they need to change course. In the autumn, for instance, it is convenient to take part in processing of fruits, berries and vegetables, canning, cooking compotes. 8. The design forms a plus sign with the central three psychics representing motivation, perfect outcomes, and values. Here you could also equip the other sleeping place, arrange laundry, and, of course, to gather guests around a huge table.The construction of almost any summer kitchen demands the creation of a preliminary project, which will be calculated all the nuances and attributes.Among the important factors influencing the further performance of the kitchen is your location. Elements of your connection to consider. These cards reflect the querent’s motives and where they’re going in life.

It is required to choose the website so that there has been an opportunity to run all the essential utilities: gas, sewerage, water, power.Such buildings shouldn’t be adjacent to the toilet, compost pit and other unpleasant areas. 9. The cards on both sides represent two different outcomes. Flammable objects must likewise be avoided nearby – they should be at least 10 meters away.It is best if the kitchen windows will confront north-east, this is going to keep the coolness in summer time. Question outcome. The querent can pick one or the other and explore the possibilities of the path. It is not unusual to arrange a basement in the basement of summer kitchens – this is a sensible solution immediately improves the performance of the room.

Planetary Spread. Astrological Spreads. Particular attention should be paid into the furnace, which can be timber, gas or electric.

This is a query spread that may yield insight into a number of unique elements of your own life ‘s current state. The astrological psychics disperse uses 12 cards putting one card in every position around the circle like a clock. In case the installation of a grill is intended, it is recommended to determine beforehand where the products will soon likely be boiled in order to properly find the essential engineering systems.An important facet in equipping the location for your grill and grill is the observance of fire safety principles.

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